Mac Altgelt | CEO

Mac Altgelt, CRM, CISR, is the Chief Executive Officer of Sanger & Altgelt. A longtime risk management executive with more than 15 years of experience in insurance and risk, he is specialized in unique and emerging commercial risks around the world. In addition to his skills in negotiation, budgeting, analytical and actuarial analysis, claims resolution, forecasting, cost-benefit analysis, new product development, and sales, he draws on the resources of a global professional network of insurance and risk management experts, with especially high densities in the United States and the United Kingdom.

As CEO, Mac is focused on reinforcing existing client relationships and cultivating new ones, developing and implementing creative growth strategies, and enhancing the overall financial performance of the company through increased revenue, expense management, and process efficiency. Since October 2021, Mac and his leadership team have instituted a major overhaul of Sanger & Altgelt’s corporate structure, creating a clear path of advancement for employees and empowering them for success. The company is also making major investments in technology and training and has signed numerous carrier contracts to enhance product offerings and competitiveness.   

Before becoming an officer at Sanger & Altgelt, Mac initiated the company’s move into the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) services business. He also led the bond department, which became the most efficient and first paperless department in the company under his watch.

Mac’s community involvement includes stints with SALE for Kids, Habitat for Humanity, and the San Antonio Food Bank, as well as memberships in numerous clubs and organizations. He holds a BBA from the Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech University.

Heather Haynes | President

Heather Haynes, CISR, ARM, ACLC, has worked at Sanger & Altgelt for 24 years and currently serves the company as President. Heather was born and raised in the insurance business, so the principles of insurance and risk management are not only second nature, but they are also her passion. She started at the agency by answering phones after school and during her summer breaks. It was during these years that she worked in the same office with her grandfather Woodward and her parents. Heather’s seen Sanger & Altgelt transition from the days of employees using typewriters to using the technologically-advanced tools of today. She’s proud to see how the agency has navigated through the changes and still maintained its focus on customer and personal service as her family did before her. 

Her key roles are managing commercial and personal risks for clients and overseeing the entire agency, guiding its direction, policy, mission, and vision. In this capacity, she enjoys her role as a risk manager for clients, while also being highly engaged with agency staff and helping them learn the business—and learn to love it. 

In her work in the San Antonio community, Heather has served on numerous boards, including the Texas 4-H Youth Development Foundation, the Southwest Foundation Forum, the San Antonio Zoological Society, the San Antonio Livestock Exposition, and the Charity Ball Association. She is co-chairman of the San Antonio Livestock Exposition Cowgirls Live Forever Luncheon, which benefits the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo. She was the founding chairman of the Board of Trustees for Girls, Inc., of San Antonio and is currently a Girls, Inc., Guardian.

Heather graduated from Southern Methodist University with a BBA from the Cox School of Business. She is also a Certified Insurance Service Representative (CISR) and has an Associate in Risk Management (ARM) degree from the Insurance Institute of America and an Advanced Commercial Lines Consultant (ACLC) designation.

David Smith | CFO/COO

David Smith is the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operations Officer of Sanger & Altgelt. David has 20 years of experience at Sanger & Altgelt and is responsible for the collection and dispersal of funds, expenses, budgets, financial plans, and reporting of the financial performance of the company. In his role as COO, he also focuses on the human resources functions of the company and handles the health care benefits, salary issues, paid-time leave, and roles and job descriptions of all staff.

David has been instrumental in collaborating with the CEO and President on the planning and implementation of Sanger & Altgelt’s new management technology which is intended to lay the groundwork for robust company growth for years to come. A key initiative is the addition of new markets to expand the insurance options available for business clients, and David plays a central role in ensuring the right teams are in place to work with these new products. His top priority going forward is the continuous improvement of Sanger for client relations and customer service.

David holds both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting from Trinity University in San Antonio.