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We strive to deliver the highest level of risk management services by adding value and providing security to our clients. Over the last century we have established a foundation that values quality service and strong ethical conduct. Sanger & Altgelt will continue to provide impeccable service that exceeds client expectations and surpasses the industry standard for years to come. We recognize the value of a lifetime client and will continue to establish relationships that endure the test of time.


People live in a world full of risk. This is the basis of our business and it defines our approach towards mitigating risk and relating with constituents that includes clients, carriers, competitors, and the community. This means we will always:
  • Maintain the highest levels of trust, integrity, and professionalism
  • Exemplify the meaning of a respected community member
  • Provide the best possible service to all our clients
  • Work to be fair in the course of business.

In order to continually improve our company and achieve our business goals we will:

  • Actively participate in the community
  • Give back to those in need through non-profit organizations
  • Meld our traditions into competitive advantages
  • Inspire innovation and flexibility
  • Mobilize employees to grow and achieve their goals
  • Invest in cutting edge technology to improve service and efficiency

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